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Ecological Awareness

To provide listed products a carbon footprint is inevitable. 

However energy sources necessary have been used consciously and Yooneek's impact on our global environment is internalized with the support of

Prints / Hahnemühle

Suppliers sustainability notes
Sustainability and careful use of resources

Support of Green Rooster initiative environmental projects on regional and international level

Deliveries are made with DHL

Total Emmissions internalized


5610 kg CO2eq

Projects encouraged:

3000 kg CO2eq / Utsil Naj - healthy homes for all in Mexico

3000 kg CO2eq / Solar Cooking for Refugee Families in Chad

Awake - Water for Kids


REPORT of energy sources used

All those calculations has been made assuming precautionary principle.

In each calculation the highest applicable value is used. 


1.000 kg CO2eq / per anno 

equals yearly 6.000 km 


529 kg CO2eq / Malta 2017

1.600 kg CO2eq / Addis Ababa 2018

845 kg CO2eq / Tel Aviv 2019

511 kg CO2eq / Oslo 2019

Energy use Workspace

 125 kg CO2eq



1000 kg CO2eq

other not listed energy use f.e. diet, public transportation,...

calculated with

Note. Thank you for the practical inspiration @the Bunch

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